The radiation therapy that we offer at our centre is suitable for many types of cancer exhibited by horses, dogs, cats, and other pets. It is often helpful to combine irradiation with surgery or chemotherapy, which is why we work closely with our patients' veterinarians. Radiation therapy is not only a recognised cancer treatment but is also used by us to alleviate chronic pain - for example, in the case of arthrosis or tendonitis.

You can contact us directly by telephone (at 06051 / 4909810) or by email. We treat your animal in close consultation with your veterinarian. You can give him or her a referral form, which you can fill out together. This will help us better assess the disease and collect the most important data. If you do not have a veterinarian who already treats your pet's disease, we will gladly advise you.

Not necessarily. Although you can download a referral form for your veterinarian here, a referral for treatment with us is not absolutely necessary. Ideally, you should fill out the form together with your veterinarian - this makes it easier for us to collect data and work together.

It depends on the reason for the treatment. For some diseases, a few sessions are sufficient, for others up to ten treatment sessions are necessary. The intervals between sessions also vary depending on the type of disease. The irradiation itself only takes a few minutes, and your animal is under anaesthesia for a short time at each session. While horses are admitted as inpatients and have their own box, small animals have to be brought in to each treatment session.

First, we discuss the therapy with you and determine the treatment scheme. Then your horse is "checked" into one of our boxes with an outside paddock and stays with us for the duration of the treatment. If you wish, you can leave your horsebox trailer with us until the treatment has been completed. In addition to hay and muesli, which is provided by us for the patients, you are, of course, welcome to bring supplementary feed, which will then be fed as usual. If the patient is a small animal, you and your dog or cat can come to the centre for every appointment. After the irradiation you can take your pet home with you directly - it will be back on its feet a short time later.

If you have a small animal in need of daily radiation treatment, it can be useful to book a hotel nearby. We are happy to recommend establishments where pets are welcome. As a horse owner, you can go home as long as your animal is being treated by us. We take care of everything according to your requirements.

The radiation is not painful. We merely put our four-legged patients under anaesthesia so that they do not move during the treatment, enabling us to direct the radiation specifically at the tumour.

Our linear accelerator is a high-tech device that can be directly focussed on the tumour. Our veterinarians precisely calculate in advance which radiation dose is required to reach the entire tumour. Since a safety margin is included to ensure that all tumour cells are reached, there may be white fur colouring, fur loss, or skin redness in the immediate vicinity. If the tumour is located near sensitive organs such as the eye, our veterinarians will discuss with you in detail prior to the treatment whether and which side effects are to be expected. In principle, however, we shield the surrounding tissue as well as possible. Taking everything into consideration, radiation therapy is a very gentle treatment method.

Many health insurance companies for animals cover the cost of radiation therapy. This is especially true if the radiation is necessary subsequent to an operation. Ask your animal health insurance company before the start of treatment how much of the costs it will cover and whether any further documentation is required. We will be happy to be of assistance regarding the latter.

For horses, it makes sense for them to move into our stable for the duration of the therapy where they have everything they need. Small animals can be treated only as outpatients. They have to be brought in for each treatment session.

Yes, while the horse is being treated by us, you are welcome to leave the trailer at our premises for free - our parking lot is large enough.

Visits are, of course, possible during the horse’s stay at the centre. However, during the radiation treatment itself, no people are allowed in the room - not even our veterinarians. But please don't worry: The treatment only takes a few minutes, and we monitor the patient during this time via video cameras.

We use a modern linear accelerator with collimator technology, as it is also used for human patients. Compared to human medicine, many things are a size bigger at the centre - perfect even for large horses.

We plan every application very carefully. The irradiation is computer-controlled so that we can precisely determine in advance the dose, the penetration depth, and the duration for each patient. We shield the area around the tumour as best as possible with custom-made metal shields or the modern multilamellar collimator.

No. No radiation remains after treatment. The radiation therapy of the animal is, therefore, harmless for the owner.

Of course. We look after our four-legged patients just as we would our own animals. The horses are kept in spacious, bright individual stalls, have contact with other horses and access to the paddock. If you wish, our helpers will provide daily exercise by arrangement. The patients are given free run in our round pen or are lunged.

Our oncology centre for veterinary medicine specialises in horses and was built especially for large animals. Dogs, cats, and other small animals are nevertheless regular guests. Call us (at 06051 / 4909810) to find out if we can help you and your darling.

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