If a veterinarian diagnoses cancer in a horse, cat or dog, this is initially a shock for the owner. But many types of cancer in animals are curable.
We at EQUINOX HEALTHCARE use modern radiation therapy from human medicine for the treatment.
With animals, it is the same as with human beings: as they get older, the risk of cancer increases. If veterinarians diagnose cancer in dogs, cats or horses, this is initially terrible news for the owners. They are often unaware that many types of cancer in four-legged friends are now curable. Radiation therapy has become an important pillar of cancer treatment in human medicine. We also use this modern technology at EQUINOX HEALTHCARE. One advantage in this respect is that apart from a short anaesthetic, the treatment is hardly stressful for the animal.
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Cancer and pain: how we can help

At EQUINOX HEALTHCARE, we treat the most common types of cancer that occur in horses, dogs and cats. These include, among others:

For veterinarians

Dear Colleagues,
At Equinox Healthcare, we are committed to working closely with you to provide the best possible treatment for our mutual patients. We regard our range of therapies as a complement to and extension of your veterinary care. We would, therefore, like to stay in close contact with you even after the radiation therapy has been completed, supporting you in the aftercare, which is usually carried out by the referring veterinarian.



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