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Dear Colleagues,
At Equinox Healthcare, we are committed to working closely with you to provide the best possible treatment for our mutual patients. We see our range of therapies as both a complement to and extension of your veterinary care. Therefore, we would like to stay in close contact with you even after the radiation therapy has been completed in order to support you in the aftercare, which is usually carried out by the referring vet.

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The two main indications for radiation therapy are local tumours and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Neoplasms are treated with a high total dose, which is divided into several individual fractions. The protocols of the so-called benign radiation, which is used for arthroses and other chronically painful indications, consist of fewer fractions with significantly lower doses.
We also differentiate between curative and palliative radiation protocols. You are welcome to discuss with our veterinarians which protocol is suitable for the individual patient.

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