Cat, Dog and Rabbit

Cancer in dogs:
often curable

Cancer is now the most common cause of death in dogs. This is because dogs, just like we humans, are getting older and older. With every year of life that a dog reaches, its risk of developing cancer increases. Radiation therapy can help, especially with tumours that are difficult to access surgically.
Often irradiation is not the sole form of treatment, but rather a supplement to the overall therapy: If, for example, a veterinarian has not been able to remove a tumour completely during the operation, radiation kills the remaining cancer cells.
What may be new for many dog owners is that low-dose radiation therapy can help against pain: for example, we use it successfully in cases of arthrosis, tendon problems or bursitis in the joint. Pain treatment usually consists of three sessions.

Irradiation in cats:
against cancer and pain

Cancer is also a common problem in cats. The following tumours are often found in house cats – and can be treated at EQUINOX HEALTHCARE:

Brain tumours
Bone tumours
Mast cell tumours
Nasal cavity tumours

Radiation not only kills cancer cells in cats but also relieves pain. That is why our veterinarians sometimes use it in low doses for arthrosis, tendon problems, bursitis in the joint or calcification in the muscles. Although this does not cure the disease, it relieves the pain of your feline friend.

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