Radiation therapy in dogs and cats in 10 steps

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Step 2: Examination

Before each fraction, patients undergo a general examination. A preanesthetic examination allows assessment of individual risk. We can discuss any special findings that may arise prior to anesthesia. In rare cases, treatment must be suspended for one or a few days.
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Step 4: Radiation bunker

Only after induction of anesthesia and securing the airway are the animals taken to the accelerator.
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Step 6: Position control

After positioning, the patient's position is checked again. For this purpose, we use an on-board imager (OBI), which is a computed tomography system that the accelerator already has integrated on board. The smallest deviations can still be compensated via a motorized table.
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Step 8: End of anesthesia

The recovery phase already begins in the radiation bunker. We reduce the anesthetic gas early enough to wake the animals up as soon as possible after treatment. During this process, they are constantly observed and vital signs are monitored. The irradiation does not cause any additional danger to the animal. The animals do not become radioactive!
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Step 10: Going home

Most small animal patients are treated as outpatients. They are allowed to go home after therapy and catch up on breakfast. Inpatients are given food once the anesthesia has sufficiently worn off. The catheter can often be left in place if there is also treatment the next day. This saves another prick.

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