A radiation therapy centre for horses

Your horse has a tumour and radiation therapy, a standard method which has been used in human medicine for decades, is simply not available for horses?

Our philosophy

The connections between humans and animals are manifold. Wherever such relationships extend beyond purely utilitarian considerations, respect and closeness develop. These values are also of central importance in our work. By taking responsibility for the health and well-being of our patients, the Equinox team is passionate and dedicated, cherishing the connection that exists between all living beings. ...

Optimal therapy enabled by state-of-the-art technology

SetUp Radiation

Production of individual apertures

We have various possibilities to apply the radiation only where it is needed. For electron radiation, we manufacture individual apertures that optimally protect the surrounding tissue. To be able to precisely shape X-rays, also known as photon radiation, we use a multi-lamella collimator, in which 120 motor-driven apertures ensure that healthy tissue receives as little radiation as possible. With this technology, we are particularly precise, just like radiation therapy in human medicine.


The actual radiation therapy takes place in a specially protected area. Concrete walls several meters thick shield the surroundings so that there is no danger to owners and staff. During the irradiation, the entrance is closed by a 40-ton gate. In order to be able to offer radiation therapy not only for small animals but also for horses, heavy-duty equipment is employed: with our overhead crane, we can reach every point in our spacious hall. A lifting capacity of 2 tons ensures that horses of any size can be lifted. With our own forklift, we transport everything needed for the accommodation, examination, and treatment of our patients, be it bales of hay or the mobile examination stand.
The patient table, which was specially constructed for Equinox, provides sufficient space for even the largest horses, allowing them to be safely transported to the treatment room.

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